Excel 2013 – Level 3

Advanced skills


What does the course cover?

This course covers the advanced tools in Excel. You’ll learn how to create custom cell formats. You’ll start to learn about Pivot Tables, the slicer tool, Macros and how to record steps to common tasks. You’ll learn how to trace and watch changes with cells and formula.


Why take this course?

This course introduces the power of Pivot Tables and Recording Macros. Pivot tables let us report and manipulate huge amounts of data quickly and easily. Learning the foundations of Macros can save you huge amounts of time by automating repetitive tasks.


Who should attend?

Anyone who has completed the Excel Level 2 course and is looking for more knowledge on Excel – in particular anyone looking to learn the foundations of working with Pivot Tables and basic Macros. If you work with Excel extensively, this course will benefit you.

Course preview

Each course contains high quality, professional, Video lessons, Downloadable exercise files and Real-world templates for you to use.

Excel 2010 Level 3 - Intro
Simple interface
Excel 2010 Level 3 - Demo
Video lessons
Excel 2010 Level 3 - Download
Downloadable files

Course detail and sample lessons

Section 1: Grouping Sheets

Lesson 1: Formatting grouped sheets
View Demo
Lesson 2: Formula on grouped sheets
View Demo
Lesson 3: 3D References
Demo Not Available

Section 2: Extra Functions

Lesson 1: Date Functions
View Demo
Lesson 2: Database Functions
View Demo
Lesson 3: Text Functions
Demo Not Available
Lesson 4: Linking sheets
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Section 3: Advanced Filtering

Lesson 1: Advanced Filter
Demo Not Available
Lesson 2: Filter by Colour
Demo Not Available
Lesson 3: Text, Number and Date Filters
Demo Not Available

Section 4: Tables

Lesson 1: Creating a Table
Demo Not Available
Lesson 2: Table options and design
Demo Not Available
Lesson 3: Table Tools
Demo Not Available
Lesson 4: Slicer
Demo Not Available
Lesson 5: Timeline
Demo Not Available
Lesson 6: Exporting a table
Demo Not Available
Lesson 7: Exporting a table
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Section 5: Additional General Options

Lesson 1: Headers and Footers
Demo Not Available
Lesson 2: Find and Select
Demo Not Available
Lesson 3: Cell Styles
Demo Not Available
Lesson 4: Paste Options
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Skills you’ll learn

What you’ll be able to do after the course

  • Advanced formatting for text and cells
  • Update changes across a workbook
  • Work with Pivot Tables and charts
  • Learn how to record and run a macro
  • How to link worksheets and workbooks
  • Trace and track errors in a spreadsheet
  • Add custom controls to a worksheet

How you can apply these skills

What you’ll be able to use these skills for

  • Automate some repetitive tasks in Excel
  • Drill down and report on large data
  • Perform what-if? type analysis on data
  • Design easy to use Excel forms
  • Track how large spreadsheets work and trace errors
  • Use Excel Forms for data entry
  • Work with multiple spreadsheets at the same time


When you pass that you will receive an internationally recognised accreditation certificate like this:


What’s next?

Upon completion of Excel courses up to this level you will be ready to take the Expert and Specialist courses in Excel for advanced Certification and for preparation for the Microsoft Certification exams.

Careers that require these skills at this level?

Excel is used in practically every business and in nearly all departments in those businesses – ranging from sales to accounting and administration. Any office role will require you to be proficient to this level.

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